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There are so many reasons why penis waxing is so popular now. Penis waxing is so common that if you walk into any health clubs lock room most of the younger guys and many middle age men do penis waxing or they shave the hair completely off. No doubt this trend started with women. It is almost impossible to find a women under 50 with pubic hair. It is now completely common for women and is gaining popularity among men to be completely without pubic hair. Penis waxing , shaving and laser hair removal are all very popular hair removal methods for men. Before we talk about the best ways to have penis waxing done along with the other methods let’s talk about why men want it done. There are many reasons why men are no going sans pubic hair, here are some of the main reasons for penis waxing.

1.       Your penis looks much larger when the hair is removed and most guys like getting that extra inch or so when the hair is removed.

2.       Woman love the look and feel of a hairless man and it is been proven with studies that men without pubic hair have sex more often with mates that are willing to try more interesting sexual adventures.

3.       When we talk about penis waxing we are not only talking about removing the pubic hair from the bikini area but the shaft and the balls.

4.       A hairless shaft not only looks better but it is more fun to play with and more easily stimulated.

5.       Penis waxing includes doing the balls and you would be surprised how hot a set of balls can look without hair. They are just perfect for licking, kissing and trying to be put into loving mouths.

6.       Men look much younger when their entire bikini area has been waxed and we mean Brazilian bikini wax which not only includes full penis waxing but the taint, the complete rear including the entire hole area becomes so clean and smooth. Women and men just love to play with these new tasty areas covered so long in hair but now smooth as a you know what!


So you are now sold on penis waxing but you need to know how it feels, where to get it done and what to expect. All good questions of which I have great answers for you since I have been having penis waxing done to myself for years and I can even do my own waxing if I choose. I have worked with many male models who have been waxed and I have waxed many men and many more women.

The first question is how much does it hurt. Well some places actually feel kind of good but other places do hurt. They hurt most your first time and less each time after that. Many men are turned on by the feel of waxing. I think that when having the shaft waxed if it is hard it hurts very little but the skin should be kept tight and only small areas done at a time. The balls do hurt more but you can take a Motrin before having it done and it hurts less. Funny thing is it feels good to because most of the women handling your balls do it so gently. Most men actually get wet some very wet when being waxed. You may not know this little detail but some woman come very close to orgasm while having their pubic areas done, especially the lips and near the clit. Having you butt done does not hurt at all and when the hole is done it stings a little but it is not too bad. THE most important thing is to have someone who knows what they are doing either male or female with lots of experience. You do not want to be some ones first!

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